9th World Assembly

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

The KAICIID Global Forum (11/18-19) and our 9th World Assembly for Religions for Peace (11/19-22) are upon us.  Representatives to the World Council, Honorary Presidents, Trustees, Global Youth and Women’s Networks, as well as At-Large North American Delegates and official US delegates are leaving for Vienna, Austria.  

May I invite you to join me in being in prayer for them and our global colleagues?  This event represents a major opportunity to connect and re-fashion a vision for the next several years of our common work.

Can’t go, but want to participate?  Five ways:

1) You can learn more about following the World Assembly here. It is on all major forms of social media. We will be tweeting (#RfPAssembly) and posting throughout.  Follow us.

2) The theme papers and supporting documents are out here. Read them and disseminate to colleagues.

3) Take a moment and listen to our US young adults in the expression of their hopes for the Assembly.  We have 18 video cuts of them here.

4) Follow our webinar discussion on the Six-Party Talks for North Korea here.

5) Look for updates on this page, where we will have photos, videos, and more.

Despite a smaller Assembly, we have many US representatives participating in various ways.

With continued appreciation for your leadership and vision, I am

Your Sincerely,


Rev. Bud Heckman

Executive Director