About Us


Religions for Peace USA is the largest and most broadly-based representative multi-religious forum in the United States, with participants from more than 50 religious communities, representing each of the major faith traditions. The organization identifies shared commitments among religious communities in the U.S., enhances mutual understanding among these communities, and facilitates collaboration to address issues of common concern. RFPUSA seeks to contribute to the well being of civil society and to advance peace-building efforts and reconciliation in the United States and throughout the world. Most of the communities affiliated with RFPUSA have national constituencies, which affords our organization the ability and potential to carry out programs in every locality. Moreover, RFPUSA is part of an extensive global network of Religions for Peace which has nearly 100 affiliates globally, including in some of the most challenging places in the world.


Religions for Peace USA mobilizes representatives from religious communities in the US to foster peace and justice through social cohesion; promotes multi-religious cooperation to enhance mutual understanding; and acts for the common good.


Religions for Peace USA envisions a nation in which people of faith and goodwill live together in respect and mutual support, creating paths to peace and justice.

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