Religions for Peace USA condemns the mob attack yesterday on the US Capitol in Washington, DC. We are deeply saddened by this violent attack on our democracy.

We endorse and echo the statements on this matter issued by our member communities especially the National Council of Churches (

The United States of America is a beacon of democracy and civil rights in the world. And throughout its history, our faith leaders have always been at the heart of social change, serving as the political and moral conscience of our nation.

As Religions for Peace USA continues to serve the upholding of human rights and democracy in this nation of diversity, we also raise our voices to condemn any and all acts of violence, any and all incitement to hate, and any and all attempts to rescind democratic processes.

We raise our voices, as representatives of diverse faiths across this – the world’s oldest democracy – to demand peace and reconciliation for and from all peoples.

We join our member faith communities in praying that we can take the necessary steps and do the hard work across our country, and to also seek the healing of our nation’s divisions, with mercy, compassion and love.