Religions for Peace USA organized the National Gathering of Religious Leaders (NGRL) 2020 on the theme of Uplifting Moral Voices for Immigration and Refugees – Faiths in Action on October 19-23, 2020 from 2PM to 3PM ET daily.

On the opening day of NGRL 2020, we issued a call to action titled “A Joint Statement from U.S. Religious Leaders and Communities Regarding U.S. Immigration and Refugee Policies and Practices, which is available for organizational endorsements OR is available for individual endorsements. The most recent joint statement signatories are here.

For video recording of each day of NGRL 2020, please click below: NGRL 2020 Day 1: Call to Action Interfaith Prayer Service NGRL 2020 Day 2: Uplifting Immigrant Stories NGRL 2020 Day 3: Impact of Colonialism and Racism on Contemporary Immigration NGRL Day 4: Uplifting Refugee Stories NGRL Day 5: Our Pathway Forward

The event was co-sponsored by First Community Foundation.