The Religions for Peace’s (RfP) global family expresses its deepest condolences to the Sikhs of Afghanistan and the worldwide Sikh community at the recent horrific attack on Sikhs worshipping at the Kabul Sikh Gurdwara on 25 March 2020 and the heartless bombing a day later at the funeral of the 25 Sikhs killed in the attack. Dozens of worshippers were injured, including children.

We are grieving with all affected and praying for all those departed on account of this atrocious attack.

A lone Islamic State Indian national has been identified by the media as the attacker who held more than 80 worshippers hostage inside the Sikh Gurdwara. The prompt actions of the Afghan Special Forces aided by international troops helped minimize the casualties.

The heinous attacks this week comes against a background of previous terrorist attacks on Sikhs and other religious minorities in Afghanistan. In July 2018, a convoy of interreligious leaders on their way to meet the Afghan President was attacked by an Islamic State suicide bomber resulting in 19 deaths.

RfP stands in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan and its government as they work across differences for achieving mutual dignity, justice, national unity and holistic development.

We endorse the UN Secretary General’s call for accountability and the High Representative of the UN Alliance of Civilization statement that “attacks targeting sacred sites and worshipers are intolerable and have to stop.”

We have also noted the Global Sikh Council’s effort to seek international action for helping the Sikhs in Afghanistan.

The human dignity we share calls on us all to condemn prejudice, hate ideology and all acts of violence.

RfP continues its five decades of multi-religious cooperation for peace, where all institutions and people of faith and no faith can come together to live with mercy, compassion and love and to stand in solidarity against any acts of hate perpetrated upon anyone.

We call upon all people of goodwill to exercise wise, courageous leadership to intentionally and deliberately promote the power of compassion, mutual respect, mercy and love that actively strives towards inclusive, positive peace for all in the world.

RfP is committed to further strengthening multi-religious action for peace and justice while supporting and building strong institutions that uphold human dignity and shared well-being.