Susan Katz Miller, author Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family (2013), will be the guest at RFPUSA’s March 27th webinar at 3PM. This webinar will be hosted directly on this page.

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Her well-received book delves what into what happens when you grow up as the child of parents of different faiths. Then what happens when you yourself fall in love and commit yourself to someone who identifies religiously as other than you? And when the children arrive, how are they raised?


Miller explains the importance of these questions in her own life below:



Katz Miller’s book explores these issues and was reviewed in the February issue of The Interfaith Observer. Her November 19, 2013 article in Religion Dispatches, “Who Says the “Partly Jewish” Are Bad for the Jews?” is also here.


Traditional ‘wisdom’ for religious education in interfaith families has been that the children should be raised with one tradition. Being Both suggests a thoroughly interfaith approach to raising your family, one that is rigorous and demanding, and can provide untold benefits for everyone involved.


If you’re interested in learning more about Katz Miller and her work, or an organization in your area that does this sort of interfaith education, check out the links below:

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