RFPUSA Executive Director, Dr. Tarunjit Singh Butalia, just published an award winning bilingual book titled My Journey Home: Going Back to Lehnda Punjab. The book is in English and Shahmukhi Panjabi. The Shahmukhi Panjabi version was translated by Dr. Mazhar Abbas of Government College, Faisalabad and Professor Khizar Jawad of Forman Christian College, Lahore of Pakistan.

The book chronicles his journey of religious and cultural reconciliation across three nations (United States, India, and Pakistan) to visit his ancestral home in Pakistan more than 70 years after his grand parents left it in the bloody partition of South Asia in 1947 never to return. He also visited the shrine of a Sufi saint where his ancestors served Langar (food) over 750 years ago.

In recognition of the publication of this book, the National Peace and Justice Council of Pakistan awarded Dr. Butalia its 2020 National Peace Award. The Council looks beyond sect, ethnicity and religious views to work for humanitarian purposes. They have offices in more than 70 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherland, Germany etc. and have more than 6,000 office bearers.

The book is available in hardcover in the US at Amazon. Please click here to order a copy of the book.