Based upon recent concerns surrounding sexual harassment, Religions for Peace USA (RFPUSA) wants to make it clear that sexual harassment and any form of violence against anyone, and especially against women is wrong and unacceptable.  Every person should be able to go to work free from the fear of sexual harassment. RFPUSA expects all board members, employees, consultants, contractors, and volunteers to maintain a workplace where our members and guests can do their work free of sexual harassment.

RFPUSA is affirmatively committed to engaging all religious communities to prevent acts of sexual harassment and violence against women, advocating for changes in public policies where appropriate and to actively seek to change attitudes that help to contribute to zero tolerance for all forms of sexual harassment and violence.

We want to make it clear that  we are seeking to embody the very best in all religious traditions and want to make sure that in all of our interactions with everyone we are doing all that we can to create what the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called a healthy and safe “beloved community.”

Any RFPUSA member or guest who experiences something that makes them feel uncomfortable and that they believe constitutes sexual harassment can report it directly to the Executive Director or Moderator of RFPUSA.