At its inception, Religions for Peace envisioned all religions working for peace and justice. Today, the interfaith movement has carried this initial vision into a movement with greater reach and public impact. From Religions for Peace’s World Conference in Vienna that gathered over 600 religious leaders to activists and organizations receiving thousands of shares and re-tweets on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, the movement is maturing into a collection of impressive Interfaith Organizations with definite clout.

As we engage with the religious other around pressing social issues, what are the hurdles that we have to address in order to work most effectively together? And how do we go about addressing those challenges?

Religions for Peace USA and the Religion Communicators Council are happy to co-host a webinar with NCCUSA General Secretary Jim Winkler and Cherilyn Crowe of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty on June 19th at 3PM ET.

Resources from this Webinar:

Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty:

Joint Statement on Religious Expression in American Public Life: A Joint Statement of Current Law
Other Joint Statements
Guides to Religion in Public Schools
More on interfaith work of BJC
General Website

This webinar will address precisely those above mentioned questions: namely, the horizons of peacebuilding efforts in the interfaith movement as perceived by the Christian ecumenical bodies and the importance and art of communicating and managing this task. Mr. Winkler will cover some of the highlights from the NCCUSA Christian Unity Gathering, and Ms. Crowe will address how the Baptist Joint Committee communicates its work defending religious liberty for all people and partnering with a wide range of organizations. 


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