Different Faiths
Common Action

Religions for Peace USA envisions a nation and world in which people of faith and goodwill live together in respect and mutual support, creating paths to peace and justice.

Who We Are

Religions for Peace USA is the largest and most broadly-based representative multi-religious forum in the United States, with participants from about 50 religious communities, representing each of the major faith traditions. The organization identifies shared commitments among religious communities in the U.S., enhances mutual understanding among these communities, and facilitates collaboration to address issues of common concern. The current foci are: protecting religious minorities and advancing religious freedom, advocating for refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants, addressing racial and ethnic tensions, and defending creation and challenging climate change.

Building Community

Religions for Peace USA’s work in building community takes us all over the country and over an array of issues. Our work is built upon values that persist across these issues and challenges and hold us to our vision.

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Interfaith Peacebuilding

Religious communities possess spiritual, moral and social assets that can be brought to bear utilizing the full range of existing structures – leadership, local congregations, women’s groups, youth groups, and specialized agencies. When religious communities recognize their shared values, mobilize their collective assets, and work together, they can have a decisive impact where it is most needed.

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Global Context

Religions for Peace’s global family of religious leaders and interreligious councils is vast, with more than 90 national and 5 regional bodies. In this environment, the U.S. has a unique role, responsibility and relationship to global matters.

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