Interfaith Peacebuilding


The world’s religious communities have enormous potential to improve conditions for billions of people worldwide.


Religious communities possess spiritual, moral and social assets that can be brought to bear utilizing the full range of existing structures – leadership, local congregations, women’s groups, youth groups, and specialized agencies. When religious communities recognize their shared values, mobilize their collective assets, and work together, they can have a decisive impact where it is most needed.

We work in local, regional and national contexts to instill peace and work for justice on a regular basis through the Our Muslim Neighbor initiative. Based in Nashville, TN. — a region of the country deemed by the Center for American progress as one of the most Islamophobic regions — OMN is our effort to speak to the hears and minds of people of all faith and goodwill about Islam and Muslims. By education and relationships, OMN is working to improve public sentiment of Islam in middle Tennessee.

The 9/11 Unity Walk NYC brings is our effort to remember the tragedies of September 11, 2001 in a way that teachers unity against division, and understanding of our neighbors of different faiths versus ignorance and prejudice.

Too often, however, peace between religions is stifled by acts of violence around the world and here in the U.S. We have a cadre of religious leaders who function as a Rapid Response network to present an alternative vision than is typically provided in the media and news about people of faith.


Religions are often a part of the world’s violence; religions can and must be a part of the solution.

Daoud Abudiab, Our Muslim Neighbor Initiative

“Thank you. Without OMN here helping, we would not have been able to respond (to this hate incident) as we did. Your presence and coordination has been a much-needed stimulus to the resources and willing spirit already in our communities. We are reaching new people now with positive messages about Muslims and Islam.”